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Large Skips

Large Skips

Whether you are refitting your factory, workshop, or undertaking a large-scale cleanup, Just Rubbish Ltd have the right skip bin for your needs. Don’t worry about getting the apprentice to do multiple trips to the tip - organize a jumbo skip bin and save yourself hard earned money and precious time.

When Size Does Matter

The larger skips bins are perfect for a large-scale residential or commercial construction sites and are appropriate for both hand and machine loading of waste. Just Rubbish Ltd can also deliver a pair of jumbo bins to help you with separation of recyclable items instead of placing all waste haphazardly into the same bin. This reduces your costs and ensures an effective waste management plan. 

The 3m3 flat skips are suitable for heavier materials such as soil, concrete, clay, bricks, rocks, asphalt, pebbles, stones, cobblestones, paving slabs, concrete roofing tiles, sand and scoria.
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Just Rubbish Jumbo Skip Bin
Jumbo Skip

Our Sizes

If you’re after a solution to remove large volumes of non-compactable bulky waste and be rid of it efficiently and cleanly, then our jumbo bins are just what you are looking for. 

These skips come in the following sizes:

- 3m 3
- 6m 3
- 9m 3

These bins can also be handy if you find that clean up at your home is getting out of hand and the smaller skips are starting to accumulate rubbish quicker than you can say, “skip bin”. 

Feel free to call our waste removal specialists for advice on which size bin will best suit your needs. 
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3 meter bin
6 meter bin
9 meter bin
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